Harden the Cup Up Day is a new Chandler Macleod Group initiative aimed at increasing education and awareness of the damage of single-use cups on the environment in a fun and social way.
We are inviting all of our customers and staff to host a morning tea and encourage staff to BYO cup to make a coffee in the kitchen, or purchase a coffee from their local café using their BYO cup, ceramic mug, jar, shoe, or whatever vessel they see fit!

We are excited to have Keep Cup on-board supporting our initiative.


Chandler Macleod Group is Australasia’s largest talent solutions organisations comprising of several different companies supplying valuable solutions for finding, enhancing, assessing and managing talent and systems.

But we are more than simply a large organisation. We are here for the people, we believe in unleashing the potential of each and every candidate and organisation we come into contact with. We also believe we are uniquely poised to have a significant impact on sociological challenges in our industries including Diversity, Neurodiversity and Equality. Equally, we can see the impact we are able to have by increasing awareness about our impact on the environment.